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Dinosaur Coprolite Pendants

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Coprolite is petrified animal droppings.

The Coprolite we use is the coprolite from dinosaur droppings found in Utah in the same area as Dinosaur bones.

How one can be sure that a stone is actual Dinosaur Coprolite?

First, we buy only from a single, reputable supplier.

Second, Coprolite when uncut, is usually about the size and shape of a small melon, often with a distinctive surface texture.

These distinctive characteristic in color and pattern allow most Coprolite to be identified by an experienced lapidary.

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These stone pendants are made from Petrified Dinosaur Coprolite found in Utah.The estimated age is around 100 million years old. They are certainly over 65 million years old. That is how long dinosaurs have been extinct.

We also offer fine selection of Dinosaur bone pendants as well as Coprolite necklaces and Coprolite Earrings .

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